Fast Local Facts
Supervisor: Robert B. Cliffe
Population: 18,117 (2010)
      28.6% growth from 2000
Housing: 80% increase in housing units from 1990 - 2010
Niagara is the second largest wine region in North America
10 Million people are within 90 minutes of Wheatfield
The Niagara Falls International Airport boasts a 10,000 foot long runway

About our town

Wheatfield was organized in Niagara County in May of 1836. It lies on the southern boundary of Niagara county, west of the center, and extends farther south than any other town. The Niagara River forms its southwestern boundary and Tonawanda Creek its southern.

Niagara Falls Boulevard (Route 62) is the major thoroughfare through Wheatfield. Annual average daily traffic counts (AADT) on this route range from 18,000 at the central part of the Town, to 31,500 at the eastern end. Traffic consists of both local residents and through-traffic, serving business, industrial and tourism uses. (Update as of 2011)

Other major east-west roads in Wheatfield are Lockport Road in the northern part of the Town, and River Road along the southern border. Major north-south roadways in the Town are Williams, Walmore, Ward (Route 429), Nash and Shawnee (Route 425) Roads. Williams Road is a four-lane roadway that connects River Road and the western end of the LaSalle Expressway to Niagara Falls Boulevard.

Town of Wheatfield
2800 Church Rd
Wheatfield, NY 14120
(716) 694 - 6440

Being strategically located next to Niagara Falls and Canada makes Wheatfield an attractive location for any business looking to tap into the enormous Canadian "Golden Horseshoe" marketplace of more than 8.76 million potential customers. Wheatfield boasts access to both air (Niagara Falls International Airport) and rail with active lines running directly through the town.
Wheatfield has a rich history in aviation pioneering. Pictured here is the Bell X 1 which was designed and built by the Bell Aircraft Corporation in our town during the 1950's. Other notable craft were the P-39 Airacobra, P-59 Airacomet, 47B helicopter and later on the famous UH-1 Huey.

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